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Marg Skinner

Marg Skinner has always been interested in drawing since grade school. Having had a teacher who allowed her to draw murals with coloured chalk on the black board in conjunction with history classes, thus sparking a great love for art.  She started painting in 1978 with the Cameron Group of Artists, then joined the Richmond Hill Group of Artists in 1990 and is now with the Schoolhouse Group of Artists and The Village Palettes Art Group.


Over the years she has worked with many creative mediums, such as stain glass, ceramics, oils, watercolours, and currently acrylics. She has also worked with children showing them how to paint and draw. Currently she is teaching Acrylics for Beginners at the seniors club in Stouffville.


Marg says life is much better when you are able to create a work of art or just keeping yourself busy with all kinds of projects. 

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