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Andrew Bonnycastle

Andrew Bonnycastle is a Toronto based national award winning visual artist working in watercolour, acrylic and oil based paints. Numerous aspects of urban and rural life are explored in Andrew's works. All explorations are linked by a common preoccupation with portraying beauty amidst disorder and life that defies adversity and isolation.


Andrew's paintings are allegories, often representing different aspects of the human condition expressed through portraits of individual buildings and street scenes, both rural and urban. These are imbued with a sense of the transient, vulnerable nature of our slowly disappearing first generation buildings.


Regardless of their content, all paintings by Andrew are rooted thematically in the desire to recreate experiences of locality, place and identity. Through this recreation, Andrew strives to penetrate the forces of commercial and social conditioning by offering works of empathy and humanity that tell a candid story about this land and its people.  Check out Andrew's website>>

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