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Josie Schwarzli

A former art educator, Josie T. Schwarzli spent 35 years developing art programmes at the elementary and high school levels.  Today she pursues her love of painting as she travels to broaden her scope of subject matter. Most often she is inspired by her rural surroundings and her love of nature.


Known for her versatility of style, she works in bold colours, often with only the palette knife.  Josie’s paintings make strong statements reflecting her feelings about the subject matter.  “If my paintings can create a pleasant, comfortable sense of déjà vu for the viewer then I have found my audience and accomplished one of my aims.  In my non-objective work I want the viewer to pause, examine, reflect and question the emotion it stirs from deep within”.


Since 2009, Josie has been experimenting with the medium of watercolour which she finds both alluring and challenging.  She attends watercolour classes in Arizona. In the Fall she can be found teaching an introductory course in watercolour painting to seniors.


Her work is in private collections in Canada, England, Germany and USA.  Check out Josie's website>>

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